James Pritchard, Coventry

discusses the convenience and the quality of the NOMAD Handheld X-ray System and its value in his referral endodontic practice. Click the photo above to see the video.

Dr Komal Suri, BChD

Smile Design Dental Practice

Wendover, Buckinghamshire

Restorative dentist, author of ‘Creating Smiles’

“The Nomad pro X-ray units are two of the best investments I have made for my practice. Ease of use and portability far exceed that of the conventional x-ray units that I used to have. The high image quality serves all of the clinicians at Smile Design Dental Practice extremely well”

Dr Fiona McMichen

Click here to read an interview with Dr Fiona McMichen, explaining why she finds the Nomad useful in her work.

Four surgeries. One NOMAD.

That’s all we need for intra-oral imaging.

“When I built my office I had to decide whether to use wall mounted x-ray machines or go with the NOMAD Pro hand held x-ray. Now that we are using the NOMAD Pro on a daily basis, I am very glad that I chose to use it. One NOMAD Pro saved me money in construction costs vs. the cost of multiple wall mounted x-ray machines for a 4-operatory solution we have in our practice. Very well worth it!”

Joseph Hidalgo, DDS, Plano, TX

“The NOMAD has been a fantastic product for our company. These innovative devices are extremely user friendly, cut down the amount of time to take x-ray images, are amazingly durable, and have proven to be much more reliable than other x-ray devices we have tried.

At this point we have over 30 NOMADS in operation and each of them are used extensively throughout the year. The customer support has been outstanding and Aribex fully stands behind their warranty. Regardless of the clinic setting, I have no reservation recommending the NOMAD to any potential buyers.”

D. Shane Stevens, CEO

Dental Health Management Solutions

Cedar Park, Texas

“We have implemented the Aribex NOMAD Pro x-ray to revolutionize the way we take x-ray’s. The use of Digital x-ray’s has numerous benefits: reduced exposure to radiation, less waiting time, shorter appointments, involved in co-diagnosis, better understanding of treatment.”

Dan T. Pham, DDS

San Antonio TX

“The NOMAD Pro improved the flexibility and ease of implant surgery and sped up the office/surgery room flow with sedated patients. It also eliminated the need for many follow-up appointments for our clients, which improved our customer approval rating.”

Linda Fravel, Office Manager

Dublin Oral and Dental Implant Surgery, Dublin, OH

“Kids love the NOMAD Pro and don’t get scared by it. It’s great for sedated patients because you can bring the x-ray to them.”

Mike Burrows DDS

Marion Pediatric Dentistry, Marion, AR

“The NOMAD Pro System portable x-ray generator enables radiography virtually anywhere treatment is rendered, in or out of traditional office settings. It has proven particularly valuable in emergency treatment outside clinics and in humanitarian outreach programs, and has an established record of efficacy and safety.”

Dr. Gordon Christensen

Clinicians Report

August 2009

“The NOMAD Pro goes wherever we need it, which is handy because we’re sharing an office now. We’ll be purchasing another NOMAD Pro when we move into our new office.”

Jon Richards, DDS, MS, PC

East Lake Endodontic, Roy, UT

“We have been able to take x-rays we could never before without anesthesia. The NOMAD Pro works well with sedated patients and is convenient with children. With the NOMAD Pro we can take periapicals on two-year-olds for the first time.”

Colleen Whitney, Office Manager

Weideman Pediatric Dental Corp, Cedar Park, CA

I cannot adequately describe the challenges of providing care for so many with so much need in a makeshift clinic. We knew early on that we could not meet the demand. The dental volunteers worked incredibly hard for 12 hour shifts to do as much as possible. There were many impediments to delivering care efficiently but one of the great time savers was the NOMAD.

The ability to quickly take x-rays without moving the patients allowed us to see more patients than would have been possible. There is no way to accurately quantify the difference the Nomad made but you are probably responsible for enabling us to deliver care to hundreds more patients than would have been otherwise possible. It also enabled us to provide some endodontic care which might not have been attempted without the NOMAD.

It is also noteworthy that the unit was handled by hundreds of different dentists and assistants over 8 days. No one had a problem using it. It also had the feel of a quality piece of electronics – it seems amazingly durable.

I am definitely getting a NOMAD Pro for my office.

Roger Fieldman, DDS

Los Angeles, California

Lisa Milella

Lisa Milella is a European Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry, and has been using the NOMAD® Pro for a number of years:

“The NOMAD Pro is a great portable x-ray system. It makes an excellent back-up unit alongside my normal x-ray and I use it regularly when I am called to work at other practices, or if I do any work at the zoo.

All in all the NOMAD Pro is extremely reliable, has good image quality and is very easy to use. The build quality is very good – it feels ‘robust’, though it is quite portable and relatively lightweight.

I purchased the NOMAD Pro from Clark Dental, alongside a carry case that is an excellent addition if you happen to travel around a lot as I do. The service from Clark Dental has been excellent. We haven’t had any problems at all, and if ever I have a question they are always available to speak to, and always help me as best they can.”