Clark Dental

Clark Dental introduced the Nomad to the UK in 2005. Before we did so we ensured that it was CE marked and exhaustively tested by independent medical physicists to confirm the manufacturer’s safety claims. We met with the then HPA [Health Protection Agency – formerly the NRPB and now part of Public Health England] several times. They completed their own tests and as a result are happy for the Nomad to be used handheld as designed and happy to act as RPA for any practice using the Nomad.

Many hospitals have bought the Nomad here in the UK and their own internal Medical Physics team test the device before the clinicians are permitted to use it. In every case the Nomad has passed these tests and we have received much positive feedback from those who have tested the device.

Independent published studies have shown that the Nomad is SAFER than retreating two metres from a wall mounted unit [example: Edgar Bailey, M.S.E.H.E., C.H.P et al. 2009]. The Nomad’s safety has been independently verified many times and we can provide data for any practice or RPA that asks us. Please note that the award winning Nomad, manufactured in the USA, with its patented design and CE mark is very different from cheap Asian devices, which do not conform to UK regulations. If in doubt please call Public Health England in Leeds [formerly the HPA] and they will explain the dangers of these cheap devices and how they have taken steps to seize them in the UK. All is not equal in the world of handheld devices!

Nomad History

Nomad was initially developed in response to an expressed need for truly portable dental x-ray equipment for humanitarian field-service work. Having in depth experience with portable x-ray technology, Dr. Clark Turner formed a Utah “C” Corporation in late 2003 and Nomad was born. In a short time, Dr. Turner, President and CEO, designed a truly unique cordless, battery-powered, portable / hand-held x-ray instrument to serve as the new leading-platform for portable radiographic imaging. Patent applications were filed and Aribex developed a working prototype that was assembled for testing. The introductory product, targeted for dental radiography, is the basis for a line of radiological imaging products that addresses medical, security, and industrial imaging applications.